An affordable place to live

The quality of life for South Australians is influenced by the rising costs of housing, transport and utilities.

Housing represents the single largest expense in the average household budget. At present families worry about whether their children will be able to buy a home and, for many, rent is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

South Australia has been a leader in housing affordability. We need to keep home rental and ownership costs within reach of all South Australians.  Households also need to be supported so they can manage other living expenses.

The planning of our neighbourhoods and design of our homes can also help reduce the cost of living and improve our general wellbeing.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia is the most liveable place in the nation. People enjoy a high quality of life, regardless of income, and feel that they have control over their lives.  People move to South Australia because of its affordability and quality of life.

South Australia has a wide range of affordable homes for purchase or rental, catering for different types of families and income levels.

Industries supplying housing, food and utilities are efficient and supply at competitive prices. Homes and neighbourhoods are designed to conserve energy and water to help reduce demand and costs.

The state's not-for-profit sector has become a major supplier of affordable housing to those on lower incomes.

South Australians are in greater control of their own finances and those in financial hardship receive the support they need to better manage essential cost of living pressures.

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