Creating a vibrant city

As the state’s capital, it is essential that Adelaide competes nationally and internationally for people and investment and thrives as a cultural, economic and social centre of the state.

Adelaide is consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities. It is recognised internationally for its arts, festivals, fine foods and wine. It has an advanced economy, world-class universities and a flourishing multicultural heritage. It has many of the qualities that mark out great cities.

Yet many of our young people are still leaving our state. If we want people to stay here we must show that we can accommodate more lifestyle and career choices.

To achieve this, Adelaide needs more people living, working, investing, visiting and spending time in the city.

What’s our vision for the future?

Adelaide is one of the great small cities of the world. It is the economic and cultural powerhouse of the state where more people choose to live, work, invest and spend time.

The city centre of Adelaide is bustling and energetic.  Many thousands of people live in the city and many more visit its busy streets every day. People from all cultural backgrounds feel welcome. It is renowned for its festivals, cultural life and sporting events.

Infrastructure and housing development reinforce the unique qualities that make Adelaide accessible, healthy and affordable. Trams loop the CBD and link into inner city suburbs and pedestrian friendly streets can be walked safely any time, day and night.

South Australia’s internationally renowned parklands are cherished for the great amenity they provide in supporting recreational, cultural and social activities.

City squares and laneways are alive with people of all ages, enjoying public art, live music and an exciting choice of outdoor dining venues.

Adelaide supports an advanced and diversified state economy providing stimulating educational opportunities and careers for South Australians and attracting talented people and business investors from around the world.

The city of Adelaide is the heart of the state’s civic, cultural and commercial life.  It is a place where the best of South Australia is showcased to the rest of the nation and the world – a place South Australians are all proud of.

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