Every chance for every child

The greatest determinant of a child’s future health, development and happiness is the experience in the first five years of life. By the time a child is three years old, about 85% of their brain has been developed. Gaps in the achievement of children’s health, development and learning between groups of children open early and get harder to close with time.

The single most important factor influencing a child’s intellectual and social development is the quality of parenting and care they receive and the quality of the home learning environment.

Every Chance for Every Child is about finding better ways of supporting and strengthening South Australian families and children to achieve their best.

What’s our vision for the future?

South Australia is recognised nationally and internationally as a family and child-friendly state – a great place to live and raise healthy and creative children.

Young South Australians thrive in a world where they are safe to play, create, live and learn on their pathway to a strong future.

All parents receive a range of services and practical information commencing before a child is born, to ensure their baby is developing well and to help nurture healthy, capable and resilient children.

All children can access high quality, affordable child care and preschool offered by trained staff using a rigorous curriculum. Those who work with young children are a recognised and valued group of early childhood development professionals.

Schools are community hubs for services aimed at supporting families and children from the time they are born. All families have access to a Children’s Centre in their local area.

Children and families are supported through early intervention services as the need for assistance arises. When children are not able to live with their birth families, we protect and nurture them to live productive and healthy lives.

The state has realised the benefits of investing early in children and families and has saved from having a safer community with better health outcomes, less inequality, improved social cohesion and greater opportunities for the next generation.

South Australia is recognised as an international leader in child development research in the early years, and as a place that respects the role children play in society.

More information

Visit www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-skills-and-learning/early-childhood-education-and-care or the DECD website